Coaches & Staff

About Our Coaches

All Super Soccer Stars coaches share two passions: a passion for soccer and a passion for working with children. Within this framework, our coaches bring an eclectic mix of talents and backgrounds: collectively, they are artists, musicians, teachers, students, and more. Many come from the hotbeds of soccer -Brazil, Italy, Argentina-while others come from lands as exotic as…the Upper West Side. Such diversity allows each coach to bring a unique patience, energy, and creative flair to every class.


  • Background-Checked

    We run thorough background checks at the Federal and State level on every coach we hire.

  • First Aid Trained
    First Aid Trained

    All coaches leading classes are 100% prepared to handle any accidents.

  • Super Soccer Stars Training Program Graduates
    Super Soccer Stars Training Program Graduates

    You can expect consistent, high-quality teaching from all our coaches. All coaches attend ongoing training sessions and are continuously evaluated to allow them to be cutting edge and up-to date with latest developments in training techniques.

  • CPR Certified
    CPR Certified

    On top of first aid training, coaches leading classes also have CPR certification.

  • Experienced

    Every coach leading classes has had plenty of prior experience.

  • Licensed by Regulatory Authorities
    Licensed by Regulatory Authorities

    Our Senior Head Coaches hold various prestigious certifications and diplomas for coaching youth from soccer’s top regulatory bodies including USSF, NSCAA and UEFA.

Meet Our Senior Head Coaches

  • Coach Michael
    Coach Michael
  • Coach Dennis
    Coach Dennis
  • Coach Evan
    Coach Evan
  • Coach Jakub
    Coach Jakub
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  • Coach Lawrence
    Coach Lawrence
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  • Coach Jordan
    Coach Jordan
  • Coach Junior
    Coach Junior
  • Coach Caitlin
    Coach Caitlin
  • Coach Zack
    Coach Zack
  • Coach Elvis
    Coach Elvis
  • Coach Najja
    Coach Najja
  • Coach Beatrice
    Coach Beatrice
  • Coach Clara
    Coach Clara
  • Coach Daniela
    Coach Daniela
  • Coach Johnny
    Coach Johnny

Meet Our Staff

  • Coach Gustavo Szulansky
    Gustavo Szulansky
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  • Coach Sarah Natchez
    Sarah Natchez
    Chief Operating Officer
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  • Coach Dean Simpson
    Dean Simpson
    Chief Programs Officer
  • Coach Annie Spaulding
    Annie Spaulding
    General Manager
  • Coach Mark Nerkowski
    Mark Nerkowski
    Director of Strategy
  • Coach Nicole Costa
    Nicole Costa
    Regional Communications Manager
  • Coach Amy Rinehart
    Amy Rinehart
    Head of Recruitment
  • Coach Jennifer Abans
    Jennifer Abans
    Staffing Supervisor
  • Coach Kerry Jones
    Kerry Jones
    Equipment Coordinator
  • Coach Warren Niu
    Warren Niu
    Partnerships Supervisor
  • Coach Ria Charles
    Ria Charles
    Camp and Events Coordinator
  • Coach Jesse Prince
    Jesse Prince
    Customer Service Specialist
  • Coach Marguerite Genard
    Marguerite Genard
    Customer Service Specialist
  • Coach Ariane Williams
    Ariane Williams
    Customer Service Specialist
  • Coach Douglas Marques
    Douglas Marques
    Shine Coordinator
  • Coach Nancy Londin
    Nancy Londin
    Kick & Play Coordinator
  • Coach Errol McFarlane
    Errol McFarlane
    New York Tri-State Area Coaching Manager
  • Coach Robert Moe
    Robert Moe
    Regional Supervisor - Long Island
  • Coach Toby Tenenbaum
    Toby Tenenbaum
    Managing Director of NY Stars Premier
  • Coach Jamie Edwards
    Jamie Edwards
    NY Stars Premier Program Coordinator