Junior Kick It -

Junior Kick It

Junior Kick It Camps are 2.5 hour sessions of indoor soccer games and activities for kids ages 3-5. Each day of camp helps to build teamwork, soccer skills, and confidence in your child, while ensuring that they are having a blast. Each day includes a creative theme that help the children build imagination while enhancing their soccer abilities!

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Camp Structure:

2.5 hours of indoor soccer


  • Introduction & Sign In (5 minutes)
  • Warm Up / Stretch – Fun-based Games (15 minutes)
  • Themed Activity – Team Building (20 minutes)

Skill Building:

(Progressive activities & games)

  • Skill Development I (15 minutes)
  • Skill Development II (15 minutes)
  • Skill Development III (15 minutes)
  • Snack Time (15 minutes)

Scrimmage Activities to Goal:

  • Small-Sided & World-Cup Games (20 minutes)
  • The Big Game! (25 minutes)
  • Sign Out / Dismissal (5 minutes)
2.5 hours of indoor soccer fun!
Photo: 2.5 hours of indoor soccer fun!