Private Classes -

Private Classes

You say when, you say where, and we bring the soccer fun there! Private classes are a completely personalized class experience, from one-on-one sessions or with a group of friends, to give extra focus on whatever particular skill you and your player want to enhance. Just send us a request to arrange a mutually convenient place, day, and time. Private Classes can be run virtually, or in-person at any appropriate indoor or outdoor space available near you, even your own backyard! You may also request your favorite coach to lead your class, dependent on availability.

Packages and options vary by location

Per Coach Payment

Group Rates
  • 1 Coach $120 per session
  • 2 Coaches $220 per session
  • 3 Coaches $295 per session
  • 4 Coaches $375 per session
  • 5 Coaches $465 per session
Children To Coach Ratios
  • 2-2.5 years old Maximum 4 children per coach
  • 2.5 - 3 years old Maximum 5 children per coach
  • 3 - Young 4 years old Maximum 7 children per coach
  • Older 4 - 5 years old Maximum 9 children per coach
  • Kindergarten - 1st grade Maximum 11 children per coach
  • 2nd Grade and Older Maximum 13 children per coach

Per Child Payment

Each participant enrolls directly through Super Soccer Stars, paying a set “per class” fee.  Minimum 6 children.

Individual Rates vary per region. Please call the office with any pricing related questions.

*Please note additional rental fees may apply for indoor locations. Minimum of 6 sessions for all age groups

About Private Groups

Private Classes can meet at any appropriate indoor or outdoor space available near you. If your own building has a gym, playroom or a squash court, the children will have a blast honing their skills. Some schools also make their gyms available to their students’ families. You can also check with our office for suitable spots in a park in your neighborhood.

For an added dynamic, book an INTERNATIONAL private class with one of our multilingual coaches. Our unique, international classes can be catered to your needs: choose to have your class taught solely in your selected foreign language, or choose our “learning language” curriculum, where introductory language elements will be infused into an English-based format.

Class Length

– Under 3 years old: 40 minutes per class

– 3 – young 4 year olds: 45 minutes per class

– Older 4-5 year olds: 50 minutes per class

– Kindergarten and up: 1 hour per class

Rain Policy

Super Soccer Stars will make every effort to determine whether or not to cancel class due to rain or inclement weather no later than two hours before the scheduled start time of the class, based on available hourly forecasts.  In most cases, drizzle or light rain does not constitute cause for cancellation. If classes are cancelled due to inclement weather, either a make-up class will be scheduled or credit towards a new period will be applied.  You will always get the number of classes you pay for!