Meet our Teammates!

Our carefully selected  partners bring excitement and variety to our camps.


KP for Kids has introduced karate to hundreds of NYC children over the past 12 years.  Their friendly and non-competitive philosophy boosts self esteem and respect all while having fun!  KP for Kids can be found at our East Village and Upper East Side Teammates camps.

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NORY bring science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) to life with story-based lessons.  Each day follows kid-friendly themes such as outer space or robot building and incorporates at least two hands-on projects that kids can bring home!

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Private Picassos is the longest-running activities parter of Super Soccer Stars and have brought creative, inspiring art projects to our Mini Camps for the past five years.  Their unique teaching style emphasizes fine motor control as much as artistic expression.  Projects include sculpture, print making and collage that will soon take the top spot on your refrigerator door.

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Atomic Tae Kwon Do uses an age appropriate and individualized curriculum to ensure that every child learns, succeeds, and has fun at every lesson. Their highly trained and professional team of instructors make every child feel special and successful regardless of their skill level, and help kids to increase focus, confidence, and leadership skills. Balance, coordination, and basic fitness are also introduced to ensure that your child has the building blocks for a healthy future. Atomic Tae Kwon Do can be found exclusively at our Huntington, Long Island Teammates camps

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