When School is Out, Soccer is In! Private Camps & Classes Summer Camps Are Here! Try Soccer Stars @HOME For Free! We Are ALL ONE TEAM.

When School is Out, Soccer is In!

Keep your child active & engaged when they are out of school! LEARN MORE>

Get Ready for Summer 2020 with Soccer Stars In-Person & Virtual Classes & Camps!

At Super Soccer Stars, our goal is to keep your kids active, healthy and safe with engaging virtual content delivered right to your home. With multiple camps and start times every day, weekly classes, daily live stream sessions, and our mobile app powered by Famer, we are sure to have something that fits your schedule and keeps your kids kicking this summer!

As state and local guidelines permit, Super Soccer Stars and Soccer Stars United will be rolling out in-person camps and classes following CDC safety and distancing guidelines. This includes small groups, zonal play, personal protective equipment, hand sanitation, temperature checks and more.

Private classes are also available for your kids or “quaranTEAM.”


I'll be honest I thought you guys doing this was such a joke. I really thought there was no way this would go well, but we gave it a try because we were bored. and my son ended up loving it and so did I, so we're happy to sign up!

— Dana E. - Customer, Soccer Stars @HOME

I've said it before but will say it again.  his online training has been terrific; amazing how you brought all this together so quickly!!
THANK YOU for making this available to our kids -- and helping them remain engaged, active and productive.

— Jenn B. - Customer, Soccer Stars @HOME

I wanted to say thanks to all of your staff and coaches who make possible the daily soccer lesson broadcasts and the weekly check-ins with the players. For my son Grant, the daily broadcasts are something that he looks forward to and helps bring some exercise and structure to his day. We are currently in quarantine and can’t leave the house, which makes this a welcome distraction in some otherwise long days! The chance to spend time on the ball and develop some new skills is very much appreciated!

— Brad - Customer, Soccer Stars Live Stream

Who would have thought that Soccer classes could be a success online! Our families and students are thrilled to have a fun, fast-paced, energetic activity for their children to do during these uncertain times. Thank you Super Soccer Stars.

— Deborah - Customer, Soccer Stars Live Stream

We’re so happy to see your face!! I know at home classes are even more chaotic than a room full of toddlers (hard to believe isn’t it) and you don’t think he’s listening (easy to believe) and he’s distracted within 3 minutes (shocker) but.... he loved it!!!! And I loved it too. For the rest of the week, I’ll be hearing “I’m coach Michael” and then I’ll be told to go sit against the wall lol!
Already looking forward to seeing you again next week (or we might upgrade our package to anytime live stream)!

— Kara H. - Customer, Soccer Stars @HOME

Thanks for the daily soccer sessions! The boys are loving it so much and it gives them something to look forward to during this tough situation! Seriously, thank you!! ... Thanks again, it’s really been such a great year for both boys. So much growth and development from both and most importantly, they are loving soccer and having fun. See you later on live!

— Nicole - Customer, Soccer Stars Live Stream