Birthday Party FAQ

Why do space rental prices vary by location?

The individual prices for each space are determined by the location itself, not by Super Soccer Stars. If you give our Birthday Party Coordinator an idea of which neighborhood you would like to have your party in, we can give you a list of locations and prices for that area. Outdoor parties do not have a reservation fee, but we do recommend obtaining a permit.

Is there a maximum allowance for parties?

Due to venue sizes, there may be a maximum headcount to ensure the best possible environment for your party. Once you have a specific location in mind, we can let you know what its maximum is. For outdoor parties, there is no maximum recommended attendance!

Is there a reservation fee for outdoor parties?

No, Super Soccer Stars does not require a rental fee for outdoor spaces. We strongly recommend that you obtain a party permit from the appropriate Parks Department to ensure your space is available on the day of the party. There is usually a $25 processing fee for this application. Although you must obtain the permit directly, our Birthday Party Coordinator will take you through the process every step of the way!

What happens if it rains during my outdoor party?

If bad weather strikes last-minute, we will always work with you to reschedule your birthday party on an alternate date.  If you do not have any flexibly on the day and time of your party, we do recommend our indoor party packages.  If you want to reserve an indoor space in advance for your outdoor party, we can always make backup indoor arrangements.

What is the child-to-coach ratio?

The ratio of children to coaches varies based on age range.  Our ratios start at 4 kids per coach for 2 year olds.

Do you have theme-related party favors?

Super Soccer Stars does not supply any theme-related materials, but you are more than welcome to bring any party favors or decorations you’d like! Whether it’s a Jedi versus Sith scrimmage or playing soccer dressed like princesses, our coaches are happy to incorporate your child’s favorite theme in the soccer lesson.

Can I make a special request for children with food allergies?

Super Soccer Stars is aware of the possibility that some children may have dietary restrictions or require a special menu.  Our catering partner offers a wide variety of options to accommodate dietary needs. Our Basic Package and our Super Soccer Stars Package also allow you the freedom to bring your own food for the party.

Is it required that I use your catering partner or may I bring my own?

We offer Lenny’s catering for your enjoyment, but you are able to bring any snacks or cake that you prefer!

I have a party with kids of all ages, will the coaches be able to accommodate this age spread?

Absolutely!  It is common that siblings, cousins, and older friends want to participate. Ideally, the birthday child is the star of the party, and the activities will be geared toward his/her age level. In the case of older kids participating, our coaches can either use them as “assistants” or we can divide the party into smaller groups. You also have the option of adding more coaches to accommodate all party guests!

How much are the parents involved in the party?

As much or as little as you want!  Our coaches are there to make your party run seamlessly from setup to cleanup, giving parents the chance to sit back and relax! Sometimes parental presence is great for helping out our younger, more apprehensive children. We want to make your party the best it can be.

Who can I contact directly for more information?

Our Birthday Party Coordinator is always ready to answer all of your questions and is looking forward to helping you create the perfect birthday party for your child. Please don’t hesitate to submit a Birthday Party Request on our website to get started!