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At Soccer Stars, we believe that our program is a fit for every child. From the earliest beginner to the advanced travel player, we have programs designed to help your child grow physically and emotionally, all while having fun.  If you have a question about a class, need help finding the right class for your child, or want to give praise to one of our super coaches, please contact us.

Due to Covid-19, we have been receiving an increased number of requests, which may delay our email and phone response time.  For the fastest response time during business hours, please send a text message or live chat with us.

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Call or Text: (332) 228-6931

Call or Text Us:

Manhattan:      (646) 585-7770
NYC Boroughs & Jersey City/Hoboken: (347) 341-7646
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Long Island:     (631) 246-3905
Westchester:   (914) 266-1196
Central NJ:       (732) 338-9306

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Text the number that is associated with your region to (201) 957-0212 to find out the weather information regarding your class.

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