About the Program -

About the Program

Parent & Me comes from the creators of Super Soccer Stars. Our curriculum is carefully designed to enhance toddlers’ natural development through creative and engaging play led by our talented instructors with the help of our puppet friends, Mimi & Pepe!


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Meet Mimi & Pepe!

Meet Mimi

Hi! I’m Mimi! I love to play because playing helps me learn how to move my body. I can stretch my hands up, high into the sky and then all the way down to my toes on the ground. I can kick really far and run with the ball. When you play with me, I can teach you how to kick and move too!

Meet Pepe

Hi! My name is Pepe, and I love to use my legs and feet together to stand up big and tall. Walking, crawling, jumping, balancing, or kicking, I can move around wherever I want to go! When you come and play with me we can go all around and kick together!

Mimi & Pepe!
Photo: Mimi & Pepe!