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Parent & Me, brought to you by the creators of Super Soccer Stars, is a parent-child, pre-soccer, and movement program for toddlers 12-24 months. Classes are structured so that toddlers and caregivers can establish a friendly routine working together in a group setting, listening to directions, and engaging in exciting movement and pre-soccer activities. Class begins with an opening and stretching song then jumps right into a soccer warm up and upper body activity. Toddlers dance along to the Parent & Me songs then kick into action with more soccer skills, educational games, and finally a shared parent-child massage before singing: “goodbye until next time!”

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Class Structure:

Physical Activity:

While Parent & Me classes focus on early soccer development, we believe that at this young age toddlers should be learning about and understanding the scope of abilities that their own bodies can achieve. Therefore, the class focuses on overall movement capability from stretching to throwing, kicking, running and jumping so that a whole range of body movement is explored in each class.

Pre-Soccer Skills:

Toddlers are just learning to balance on their feet and use their lower bodies effectively. While toddlers are able to kick, many use their hands as the primary body part to manipulate objects. Parent & Me classes encourage toddlers to use their lower bodies more effectively in order to improve balance, overall coordination, and kicking abilities so that as they grow they develop the tools necessary to begin playing soccer.

Parent Involvement:

Toddlers are often in a transition phase from being completely dependent on their caregivers as infants, to learning the basic concepts of independence within a few short months. Within this transition toddlers often need the support of their adult helpers to feel comfortable and secure as they learn new skills. In Parent & Me classes, we create an environment through which parents and caregivers participate and interact with their toddlers as much as possible. We generally ask that one caregiver accompanies each toddler to make the class run smoothly.

Interactive Play:

Children under 2 are in a stage of development through which they can understand the self, but very little about others in their environment. Parallel play – playing alongside one another without interacting – is typical for this age range. Parent & Me seeks to create an environment through which children are experiencing their peers and can begin to develop social relationships in a team setting with the help of their supportive caregivers as early as possible.

Music & Movement:

At Parent & Me, we believe that toddlers will benefit most from a general movement experience that works all parts of the body with a special emphasis on pre-soccer skills. In this way, toddlers are exposed to a healthy range of activities and exercises that aid in fully developing each child’s natural potential. Our original music has been specifically created for our program to provide a fun, friendly, energetic environment for children and caregivers.

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Supportive Development:

At Parent & Me, we understand the child within the sphere of his/her family, culture, and society which includes aspects such as creating secure relationships with caregivers, appropriate physical activities, healthy eating routines, and meaningful interactions with others. In this way, we offer parents helpful tips on their young children’s development including early communication skills, healthy nutrition information, and stimulating massage time in order to cool down at the end of each class.

 Super Soccer Stars:

After completing the Parent & Me Program, your 2 year old will be excited and ready to join a class more specifically focused on soccer skill development. Super Soccer Stars uses a low child-to-coach ratio that allows children to participate independently as they enter an exciting world of imagination and soccer fun. Call (212) 877-7171 for more information about 2 year old soccer classes near you!