Screening, Evaluation, & Tracking

– Parents will be required to fill out a daily COVID-19 Risk Information Consent form before leaving home

– Students will apply hand sanitizer prior upon arrival to class

– Parents will be assigned a designated drop off and pick up area for their child

– Temperature checks will be made upon arrival

PPE & Hand Washing

– Players are no longer required to wear a mask to and from their class location. During class, masks for players at outdoor locations will now be optional and at the parent’s / guardian’s discretion, unless required by local regulations. All indoor activities will continue to require a mask during play.

– Coaches will wear face masks at all times

– Students will be required to wash hands during breaks and instructed to apply hand sanitizer

All players will need to bring their own soccer ball to class each week 

Enhanced Cleaning

– All indoor facilities will be disinfected and cleaned in accordance with CDC guidelines

– Coaches will clean and disinfect all soccer equipment before and after use

What if my child shows symptoms?


– Staff and children will remain socially distanced following local and CDC guidelines

– Children will be provided hand sanitizer to use for personal hygiene

– Staff will disinfect/clean all equipment within CDC guidelines

– Temperature checks will be taken of all kids, coaches, and caregivers present


If someone is exhibiting symptoms of Covid they need to immediately quarantine:


– Before returning to class, your child must be quarantine for 10 days since symptoms first appeared; OR

– Improvement in symptoms in additional to 2 negative Covid tests at least 48 hours apart

If a location is forced to close for any reason:


– All-purpose cleaning company will come in to disinfect the entire facility for COVID within CDC guidelines

– All participants re-entering their class will need to have shown no or improved symptoms for the last 14 days; OR be obtain 2 negative Covid tests at least 48 hours apart

– Coaches will complete daily health screening before teaching a class

At this time, we will be shifting our participant mask policy to better reflect the current regulations in your area. Masks for participants at outdoor locations in your area will now be optional and at the parent’s/guardian’s discretion. Crocheron Park and Alley Pond Park, which fall under the NYC Parks Jurisdiction, will continue to operate with our current mask policy. All other safety measures will remain in place and our coaches will remain in masks until further notice.